How Bumble started
In the summer of 2014, Andrey Andreev contacted Whitney Wolfe Herd after she left Tinder, and wanted her to pursue a CMO role at Badoo. She was flattered, but wanted to be Founder and CEO of her own new business. He understood, and urged her to start another dating business with him, as he had a vision of starting a new dating platform and company. Whitney had other ambitions of starting a women centric social networking app for young women where only kindness was allowed, however, Andrey convinced her to re-think it in the context of dating - as he saw a major opportunity for her passion and mission to thrive in the dating space.
One night in Greece, in August 2014, after agreeing to start a new app together, the big question was: what would the app do? After days of brainstorming together, Whitney, drawing on her personal struggles with dating and being a woman on the internet, came up with what would become Bumble’s core function: she suggested that women should make the first move, to reduce harassment and put the power into the women’s hands once a match was made and that they would only have 24 hours to do so or the match would disappear.
Andrey immediately loved and supported the idea, and together they went to work on getting their new product up and running back in London at Andrey’s MagicLab HQ, using the technology and infrastructure of MagicLab. Meanwhile, Whitney, was back and forth between London and Austin, building the early Bumble brand, team, and ramping up for launch in Austin, Texas, where the company is headquartered today.
Wolfe Herd's mission of a women centric internet lives on in Bumble today, in the form of women always making the first move, which is the company's tagline. Bumble's rocketship growth can be attributed to the two partner's backgrounds and experience and most importantly to their shared passion of making the internet safer for women. The last 5 years of Andrey and Whitney working side by side, using their independent strengths has lead to over 50 million downloads worldwide, and more than 1 billion first moves. Andrey's focus has been primarily on the technology, product, monetization and scaling, while Whitney’s primary focus has been on building the brand, user base, and spearheading and running marketing and growth out of the Bumble HQ in Austin.
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